Benefits of the Dick Smith Extended Warranty

  • Sub $400 Product Replacement: if Your Covered Item cost less than $400 and there is a problem with its functionality or operation, We will replace it with a new product or a Gift Card..
  • Loan Service for Laptop and Tablet Devices: if Your repair will take longer than 5 business days You can request a loan laptop or tablet device from Us while Your Covered Item is being repaired.
  • Repair/Replace: If the product costs over $400 and it suffers an electrical or mechanical fault covered by the Dick Smith Extended Warranty within the extended warranty period, it will be repaired. If it is uneconomical to repair, then we will look at an equivalent replacement. You are covered for repairs to the value of your purchase price over the life of the extended warranty.
  • Free Assessment: We will not charge You for an assessment, even when no fault is found with Your Covered Item.
  • No Lemon Guarantee: for Covered Items over $400, if the Covered Item has been repaired three times, on the fourth time We will replace it with a new product or a Gift Card.
  • Fair Wear and Tear: We cover fair wear and tear of Your Covered Item.
  • Power Surge Protection: Your Covered Item is covered for a Breakdown caused by a power surge.
  • Overseas Cover: subject to some limitations, Your Covered Item will continue to be covered whilst You are temporarily overseas.

How to purchase an extended warranty


    Select Your Product

    Choose the product you wish to purchase.


    Choose E.W. Option

    In Store

    At the checkout, select the applicable warranty period that you wish to purchase.


    Extended Warranty is not currently available for purchase online.


    You Are Covered

    Sit back & relax, we've got you covered.

    Keep your receipt as proof of purchase and warranty.

How to make a claim

If your product suffers a warrantable fault during the extended warranty period, you can make a claim through one of the following ways:

Remember the Dick Smith Extended Warranty is offered in addition to your statutory rights.

Terms and Conditions apply.